Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Quick Stories Time and Quick Facts

“Ms. Talya, why don’t you speak Japanese?” little “M” asked me at school today. I informed her it was because I didn’t learn when I was a little girl. Ms. Kozue was tickled by this and so was I but more so than I was. I mean, really, why don’t I speak Japanese, or better yet, what is so wrong with M’s question when you have all types of people that can? I think her question was valid, a better answer would be because I was raised in Tennessee where I learned hillbilly and ebonics instead.

Naomi-san and another one of Mark’s coworkers noticed a beautiful lady walking to Mark’s work, and they were curious to find out who it was. Naomi was surprised that it was me, I didn’t know whether to smile and say thank you or be offended. She then informed Mark he was luckily, apparently only on certain days.

I am very used to driving on the other side of the road, I only once thought about driving on the right side, and it was a very brief moment, I, however, always go for the left side of the car almost every time I go to drive.

After work every day, Mark and I find time to watch various anime shows. We do not have cable, though we could get the satellite to watch the AFN (armed forces network). We do not, we save our money for other things.

I am paid in US dollars, not in Yen.

I do not drive anywhere I don’t have to, I always have Mark drive. I do not know how to get many places on my own, but I am learning. I also will not go in to any stores without Mark, or without money as I am afraid of offending people, though really, it’s not that bad, I am just a paranoid person.

I eat sushi at Yoshi-hachi’s. It is pseudo Japanese style seating, where the seats are on the floor but there is leg space underneath so that it is like sitting in a chair. I always have trouble getting down there and getting up and our shoes are removed before we go to the eating area.

It is hot here, just like it is in the southern states.  It is late September and temps are still reaching 90.  The humidity is brutal, luckily there is the beach, but Mark and I rarely seem to go as real life is in the way most of the time, and without fail, it will rain on the weekend.  The beaches have blocked off areas for swimming and those areas are shallow.  Most everyone is at the beach on Sunday because that is also the day that a lot of the Japanese nationals have off.
I am closer to China than I am to Tokyo.
There is a difference between Okinawans and Japanese.  There is an Okinawan language/dialect, but you are most likely to hear Japanese anywhere you go.
I hope to be able to blog more, life is catching up with me, there is much to do, school will start for me in a month and Mark is busy with school and work as well.  Hope we can find time to relax!
Sayonara from the Scott's! 

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