Wednesday, September 22, 2010

BEER FEST, for those who drink it, and sushi!

No, the sushi was not at beer fest, sushi outdoors...I don't think so.
A couple weekends ago was the Orion beer fest. If you don’t drink beer, no problem, this is really an event that has something for everyone. Beer, of course, Eisa dancing, which is something special to the Ryukyu Islands (Okinawa islands), carnival games, GREAT food, even a haunted house. ***Quick side note*** Summer time in Okinawa/Japan is the spooky time, many spirits come out to play for the people of Japan in summer and don’t wait for our October.*** Some of you are wondering, what is Orion, I have never heard of it? That is because you can’t get it in the States. It is from Okinawa and it stays in this region. You cannot get in overseas. It is made by my personal favorite, GOYA…yick! Did you get that I was lying? The Eisa dancing beer fest goes for 3 days, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday with a fire work (hanabi) show sending off the big event. Bands play the whole night and there is even a dancing area. Don’t be afraid of getting in after bed time, the party ends at 9:00 pm. Enough time for you to party somewhere else. Good luck finding a cab though, we were forced to walk with fellow comrades to the “Gate 2 street” and found a cab down there when the crowd thinned out and the partiers went inside their respective bars and clubs. At the beer fest, a man that obviously had his beer goggles on proceeded to tell me I was cute. I feel that at 29, I am too old to be cute, but I will take it anyways. Though this man is not my husband, he didn’t show me harm and so I took the “compliment” for what it was and went on about my business. Drunk people that are not harming me or other are really amazing creatures, I would love to study them.

Say sayonara to the festival!

Our search for Ramune continues. We used to be able to get our favorite Japanese soda out of a vending machine by the house, we found out Monday it was sold out! Not sure if there will put more in. Ramune is a drink where you have to push down a marble with a plastic piece sold with the drink. You then must catch the marble in the notches in the bottle to make sure you can drink it. The marble will get in your way and you won’t be able to sip it if you do it wrong. You can actually get ramune in the States. I actually treated myself to it in Cheyenne, Wyoming. If you can get it there why not in Jackson, Tennessee, oh but when Suncoast was still alive, you could get it there. I have found only 2 more places now where I can get Mark and I’s favorite novelty drink. The Marine commissary, and Gordie’s, the burger joint by the house. I must go on a quest, and find out where I can get my special drink, though this is okay, I shouldn’t treat myself to it much. I don’t drink carbonated drinks that often and I would like to stick to that. Studies show drinking water keeps you young. Good thing I trained myself a long time ago on the goodness that is MIZU! See I am learning Japanese.

Fugu! In English? Puffer! Yes, some of you know and saw I have decided to eat fugu, blowfish. I have lived to tell the tale. What I didn’t realize is it really IS a big deal. You have to have a license to serve fugu, not anyone can serve it, which is a good thing. You have to practice many years to get your license. There was actually a time in Japan where after WWII there were many homeless and hungry. They would eat the scraps that the restaurants threw out. There was no way of knowing what they were grilling and eating and those who had the misfortune of finding the fugu, not know what it was, died quick deaths. Japan had so many deaths, that General MacArthur had to put policies in to place about people serving puffer. Now, I wonder if my blow fish and puffer is actually the same thing. I know, you are thinking, “Duh, Talya,” but hear me out. IT WASN’T EXPENSIVE! That was the main, uuhhh, factor for me, and where I ate it at was a little place, not elaborate or expensive. Though the walls are covered in pictures of Yoshi with famous people from all over the world, it doesn’t add to the price. The blow fish I ate was 450 Yen I believe; maybe even less, which right now is about 6 dollars. My hamachi (Yellow tail) was close to the same price, being more expensive or a little less than. The blow fish may have been the cheaper one, which then makes me think it wasn’t the fugu we have been taught to fear, with good reason of course. So with those factors, I wonder if I actually ate the potentially deadly fugu. Maybe in Japan you get it dirt cheap, I somehow doubt it, but you never know. I guess the best thing would be for me to ask. On to important matters, was it good!? It was, it was alright. Hamachi is my all time favorite and I order it wherever I go. Friends that have eaten sushi and nigiri with me know this. So would I eat it again, sure, but I am not sure if I am one on taking chances.

Nigiri is my favorite type of sushi. As pictured above, there is my blowfish nigiri as well as Mark's shrimp.  Better not try saying this word in the wrong neighborhood if you don’t know how to pronounce it. Knee-gili. R’s are L’s and visa versa, but L is not in the Japanese alphabet. Anyways, nigiri is the type of sushi where the fish sits on top or rice. In between the fish and the rice is wasabi. This is the Japanese way. It is not Japanese to eat nigiri sushi without the wasabi sandwiched between the fish and rice, this is something that Japanese restaurants have done, depending on where in America you it nigiri so Americans won’t complain. So remember for all of those who like nigiri out there, if it doesn’t have wasabi already, you’re doing it wrong! Sushi with seaweed is maki sushi. Maki means roll. I am sure you guessed that one by now for those who eat sushi. Sashimi is slices of raw fish without rice, it is expensive, but oh so tasty.

I was, am, on a quest for a new job, but is the grass really greener on the other side? Something I have to pray about.

Sayonara from the Scott’s!

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