Saturday, September 11, 2010

C.R.E.A.M. (Cash Rules Everything Around Me), I need raw fish, and I'm turning Japanese!

This is a picture I put on facebook with me holding $2000 worth of Japanese Yen and I didn’t really put a back story on it so I figured I would explain it on my blog. Just so everyone knows…which I am pretty sure everyone already knows, Mark and I are not rich, we are not selling drugs, and we don’t have that kind of money lying around, until the 1st of the month that is. The military takes care of us enough to keep us in a nice apartment and to make sure we can pay the gas and electric bill. Of course when Mark got to Japan he needed a car to get from here to there and around the island and so he has money for that as well. Many places on Okinawa do not take debit cards or credit cards for payment when it comes to paying your bills, they still believe in getting cash in hand. Cash is universal and as Americans we have learned to live without the filthy paper and would rather put it on a card, but not here. When the 1st comes and the bills are due, Mark has to go to ATMs across the island and withdrawal his hourly amount so that we can pay for our bills in cash. Which I was always taught, NEVER carry that much cash on you, but on the 1st of the month it is a must. Rent is paid, the car note is paid, and a few other bills. While I log online to have my bills taken out electronically, Mark preps for an all around town excursion to square away funds owed. He can sign up for his to come out electronically, but there is a certain way it has to be done and blah blah, military jargon, blah blah, but Mark will sign up for it when the house in Cheyenne, Wyoming is sold. Yes, those who are keeping up, the house in Cheyenne, Wyoming has not sold. Yes, believe me, WE KNOW. That is the cause of us borrowing and begging, and not being true adults, we know. Besides, cash in hand always means you get paid, right? Money talks in every language.

I CRAVE SUSHI AND SASHIMI! I live in Japan and I have had sushi and sashimi twice!! I know, it honestly ought to be a sin, like a real sin. I fussed about it to Mark the other day, which then he did what Mark does, and spoils me and takes me to the best sushi and tempura place Chatan has to offer, only to find out it was closed because of the typhoon and tropical storms. It is a fresh fish market just like in Seattle, just maybe not as big, I wouldn’t know because it was closed! I did get to go to an awesome Japanese bakery. Everything is an art here, I wish it was more like that everywhere I go. The bad part about the bakery is that I am addicted to Japanese sweets. I have a spot in Columbus, Ohio that I go to every time I am there. (The Crescent Bakery) Shame, shame. I have now been to my Japanese bakery the same amount of times I have eaten sushi, I need sushi in my life, this IS Japan after all. The best sushi in the world and I am busy eaten katsu and yakitori, this just will not do!

Another shame, people pronouncing Japanese words wrong. While you are here, I assume you wanted to be here, there are few places that people in the military should hate, BELIEVE ME, Japan is not one of them. Sure you don’t belong here, but for all the people you meet that don’t like you, which chances are you haven’t because if you are anywhere you are suppose to be, the people have manners. While you are here, why not at least try? The Japanese won’t make fun of you for trying, believe me. Actually, they appreciate it! There is no where I have been where English is not the primary language where they weren’t appreciative that you tried. Japan is no different, just don’t be the American that thinks you belong here because guess what, married to a local or not, you don’t! Yes, you learned the language and we think that is cool, but don’t go up to the Japanese and pretend you know more about speaking Japanese than they do. That’s just rude. As much as all of us who love Japan would love to be Japanese, we aren’t, get over it, ha ha.

I should have some new pictures on facebook from Beer Fest/Eisa Dance Fest.  As always, come check them out and I will have some more about the event next week!

Sayonara from the Scott's

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