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Japan's First Sakura, The Disgusting American, and Hello Kitty

What's a sakura?  Better yet, you mean that Sacura in Jackson, TN?  Some people actually can at least pull off sa-kura and hey, I am a southern girl, I once said sa-kura and I actually still do when I am not speaking to people that know there is a difference.  I actually don't see the point in saying it "correctly" unless you are speaking with someone who is Japanese or speaks Japanese.  For the most part I don't think we are expected to say it, "Sakula" and really, sakula is not exactly right.  The R is still technically an R sound but sounds more like a combination of R and L and just like RR in Spanish, you gotta know how to do it just right.  For the easy out, SA-ku-la.  So what are sakura, finally the question is answered. 

They are cherry blossoms and in Okinawa they have to bragging rights of hosting and showing the very first blooms in Japan.  Spring gets to the Ryukyu islands before any where else on the great island of Japan so the sakura festival is in full swing in Feb. as oppose to mainland Japan's April hoopla.  Nago is the place to go to see the tiny blossoms and they truly are a sight to see.  Everyone is out enjoying themselves, taking pictures, visiting the temples, and most importantly spending time with family.  The smells on the street are glorious and they almost over shadow the beauty of the sakura, almost.  There is something amazing about the sakura.  Gentle, delicate, and very small, the pink blossoms are eye catching for anyone who enjoys nature and the scenery of Japan.  Sakura are a Japanese staple and are as famous as the country itself.  

I am DONE with going on culinary adventures at my local Japanese McDonald's.  Those who know me know for the most part I am pretty adventurous when it comes to food and truth be told, not nearly adventurous as most.  When I go to McDonald's I always go out on a limb to try new dishes as I really don't like anything at McDonald's anyway.  I hate McDonald's and very rarely eat there, even for the fries which I happen to love.  So why not try something new?  Well because when I do I pick this.

The Idaho Burger.  A burger with a hashbrown, onions, bacon and 2 kinds of sauce. How could it be bad when it has bacon!?  Well because McDonald's in Japan takes the normal and makes it beyond wonky. It was pretty much the nastiest thing I have tried at a Japanese Mickey D's and that is compared to the McSalad and the Carbonara and I could handle the McSalad.  The Idaho is one of 4 featured in their Big America 2 selection and boy do they have us WRONG!  If they think this is what America is like or what Americans eat they may want to try it again.  While the Texas burger had chili on it and that seems about right, I dare not try it.

There is a new cat in town.  She will join the ranks with Hercules, which depending on how things turn out, will be coming home with us in May or stay where he is until we move back to the States.  Her name is Marie, like the Aristocats.  The family she belonged to before has two little girls that loved the movie.  Marie, is unique in the fact that she likes to chew on things.  Like my mom 2 said, "we like to adopt the cats with special needs."  Marie had a problem with chewing the little girl's stuffed animals to bits and after 2 years of trying the family had to let her go.  So I see her, fall in love with the little "Hello Kitty" and we have since bought her chew toys, which she does not touch might I add.  We don't have stuffed animals, so she has moved on to our socks.  Which works.  We left some out with toys and in the night, after becoming somewhat comfortable with us, she chose the foot coverings off the buffet of things that could be chewed on.  So now we have Hercules, our poor ginger heart murmur kitty and Marie, the white Japanese Bobtail that acts like a dog or a rabbit, confused on which she actually thinks she is.  She probably is just a cat with a different personality and Mark and I are perfectly okay with that, now if we could just get her to stop meowing nonstop at random parts of the day and night.  I doubt that will be happening.  It was funny because I am one of the biggest Hello Kitty fans I know and now I have a real one of my very own, white, bobtailed and all.  Though unlike Hello Kitty, Marie has one blue eye and one green.  How could I leave out a picture of our new baby?  Well that is because she is showcased on facebook and by now those who read probably have seen her.  I am a bad mother I know, pictures of flowers and burgers and not the fur babies.  Here is one of my Herca boy in Ohio from the last Dec.  He cuddled with Mark and I in the bed he shared with my mom as if we had never left. 

Now when will we add real children to our family?  That is for God to know and us to find out.
(As I was typing this, it was discovered by my husband that Marie aka Jaws aka Little Rabbit had chewed a massive whole in one of my new Old Navy shirts I wore once....she better be glad she has truly found a family that is accepting and knows to keep stuff out of her way...grrr, too bad cat pelts are worth what the used to be.)

Japan at a daily glance:
Work is work, crazy as ever, not going to let it stress me out because life is too short.  I have done a fantastic job with giving it to God and not letting it give me a headache.  We are getting prepared for Setsubun. (Feb. 3rd)  Where the children will be visited to an oni (Japanese demon/monster) and the children will say, "Oni wa soto, Fuku wa uchi".
Mark will be deployed this year, not telling when or where because as his wife it is also my duty to keep his operation as safe as possible, OPSEC!  Yes I will be here and nobody better DARE say, "I'm so sorry!!!"  My husband is a solider 1st, good or bad.  God and country.  I'd also like to remind those people I lost my mom, his deployment is small potatos compared to losing my best friend and shoulder or all shoulders.  This, Mark signed up for.  Mom's death, Mom and Dad signed me up for that one, thanks guys.  It really touched me to hear my favorite coworker Ms. Leona say, "I could tell when I saw you Monday you were strong."  It's hard, but God has given me a strength that I had no clue I had, and I am really proud of it.
It has been crazy cold lately, it should start warming up already, but it got cold later than it normally does for what I hear and now it's slow to warm up.  I know, I know, it's not cold like the States cold but hey, I am entitled to my opinion and you are reading it, so deal with it.  50s are cold enough.  Just think, when it was 50s in Wyoming we were coming out of our coats, 50s on Oki we have them and scarves on!

Sayonara from the Scott's!

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