Sunday, December 12, 2010

Video Time!

Since I have an up coming Christmas party that I have been waiting for and what I believe is a vacation coming up, I will take this time to post videos that I never have before so you can view Mark's and mine adventures.

Typhoon Chaba on the loose.  I got my experience of being out in a typhoon and I am not quick to do it again!

Ah the aquarium.  I am glad we got year passes.  I hope I can go back soon!  I think Mark enjoyed it as well.

The sights and sounds of the Naha Tug of War that happens once a year with the world's biggest tug of war rope.

Last but NOT LEAST.  My singng debut.  I am NOT shy when it comes to karaoke with friends and I am not under the delusion I can actually sing.  I love having a good time and this was one!  Mark's coworkers and my friends Nate, Sara, Justin, Brandon, and Mari tagged along with us and we had a blast.  As you can tell.
I will be taking plenty of pictures and videos of my Japanese kimono experience.  Keep a look out for it as I will be getting something done that many Japanese do when they need to get extremely dressed up.  Many do not know how to put furisode on themselves.

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