Sunday, August 29, 2010

Kompasu is on the way!

I figured I'd blog a bit before work.  Mark and I are normalized for sure in Okinawa.  Mark has gone back to school and will get is Associates in Applied Science after he takes his last 2 classes!  We won't stop there.  Mark and I both will continue on with school.  I just may need to decide on what I want to do since I can not get a degree here on Early Childhood Development.  Sorry for all typo's, I am in a rush, sort of.

Most already know we have an Air Force ball coming up that I can not wait for.  I get to dress up and I am sooo ready.  The only bad thing is, American sizes in Okinawa are very hard to find.  I found one store though and I will be going back Wednesday I hope, after Typhoon Kompasu has blown through.

Typhoon Kompasu, who just recently was upgraded with it's typhoon status and given a name, is heading our way.  Kompasu will hit sometime tonight in the early morning hours and the forecast for tomorrow is TYPHOON.  Really, that was the weather forecast given on the Kadena forecast.  Not rain and wind, typhoon.  I was hoping for a day off, but our little island could be a super model it's so skinny that Kompasu will pass by quickly.  While it's here it will be picking up speed for a Cat 1 to a Cat 2 and heading on it's way to China.

In other weather related news.  Last week on the 18th or 19th of August I happened to be looking out while Mark was at the ATM and I saw a strange cloud.  I was watching it as it seemed to grow, get longer, this cloud was growing a tail.  Then it finally hit me that this funny little cloud could possibly be a tornado.  As I recalled the fact that we never had tornadoes in Hawai'i, I asked Mark to look at this cloud and then quickly decided I was in fact seeing things.  We went on about our day and had dinner with some of Mark's classmates at the Garlic House.  Where you can buy fried garlic cloves, I didn't though.  Yesterday, as we were discussing what was at the time, tropical storm 8, Mark had found out, and confirmed that I did in fact see the beginnings of a water spout that did touch down on the water that day I saw the mini funnel in action.  Very interesting watching a tornado form.  Like I always say, why go looking for crazy stuff to happen and get a story to tell, if you are blessed enough to live long on God's earth, your stories will happen.  I sure was not looking for the water spout.  So, for those of you that don't know, tornadoes are uncommon on islands, they rarely touch down on land, they are more common on the ocean where the water connects with the funnel cloud creating a water spout. 

Now, I better get to work before I'm late!

Sayonara from the Scott's!

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